Luxury homes are built to stand the test of time: 5 tips to ensure you get a luxury home that’s both beautiful and functional

Aesthetics and functionality are the two most important aspects of home décor, and it’s  only when they are balanced that a home is considered to be well-designed.

There are a variety of approaches to keeping your home clutter-free and maximising its functionality. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Prepare the entranceway

What bits and pieces do you leave behind when you enter the, house and pick up again when you leave? Let’s begin with the front door. It’s critical to plan well to keep your doorway clutter-free. The ideal option is to keep keys, boots, bags, umbrellas and hats in a well-organised cabinet or drawer at the entry.

2. Make sure you have space

Don’t cram things into every nook and cranny. Allow additional space for activities such as watching an exercise video, finishing an artwork or playing. This space should be able to exist without you needing to move objects out of the way.

3. A relaxing living room 

Your living room serves as a multipurpose area. It’s the place where you can invite guests, enjoy spending time with family and friends, and rest after a long day at work by watching TV. It must have a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, with décor that complements your personality and way of life.

4. Increase kitchen efficiency

Kitchen cabinets and appliances should be carefully planned because it the kitchen is the heart of your home. Keep frequently used goods in a visible location but store extra items inside cabinets or shelves. Reduce the number of utensils you keep so that you have enough room for everything you need. And remember to keep them organised. 

Having your kitchen cabinets clutter-free might be difficult, as items tend to accumulate. Again, having a regular clean-out will help you to know where things are and to keep them in order. 

Because this is where your family meals are made, your kitchen should be cleaner and more hygienic than any other room in the house. Easily cleanable materials and surfaces are ideal. 

5. Relaxing bedroom 

Health professionals advise that we need eight hours of sleep each night for a balanced life, and that’s why your bedroom should be well-designed. To begin, select the appropriate mattress. It’s not worth scrimping on the mattress or buying in haste … because you don’t want to lose sleep (or money) over a mattress that’s wrong for you. It’s also a good idea to invest in quality bed linen, quilts and blankets that will last.

Depending on your storage space, a wardrobe plan should have a balanced mix of hanging space, shelves and drawers. Spend some time drawing up a plan so you make the most of your available space without it being cluttered. 

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