7 elements of a luxury build: Above all, you need great design

A luxury home is more than a sense of wealth in the space; it’s about adhering to the elements of a stunning design. You don’t want to hurry the process and cut back on costs, only to find that your new home lacks a concise and functional layout, or is missing features that you realise are essential.

It’s worth familiarising yourself with a few fundamental design features that apply to any luxury property.

1. Look for craftsmanship in architecture 

Your ideal luxury home must have a level of design and architecture – inside and out – that has broad appeal, from the external façade, decking, pool and landscaping to the individual features that make the interior specifically yours.

2. Be conscious of lighting

Every facet of modern interior design, from wall colour to decor, is influenced by lighting. For example, in a home with softer light, the paint colour on the walls will look different than in a house with colder artificial light. It’s important to get the right advice so that your lighting maximises the impact of every space. 

3. Make a storage plan 

When you’re thinking about decorating, it’s easy to overlook practical considerations like storage. Storage is critical to a practical, liveable building design, and done well, it can also have aesthetic appeal. décor that complements your personality and way of life.

4. A spacious home

This is the design feature that distinguishes a luxurious home from the others. A large expanse is required for a property to be truly luxurious, with room to move and relax, areas for different activities, and space to entertain. 

A great design will make sure that your home is one that meets all your needs and suits your lifestyle.

5. Open-concept design 

An open-plan layout allows you to maximise your space and to create a coordinated design where one area flows easily into the next. Through seamless design a casual living area, for example, can easily connect to a family kitchen in one direction and an outdoor patio in the other, creating an expanse that’s perfect for entertaining.

6. Sliding glass doors

By replacing traditional doors with sliding doors, you may save a lot of room while making a modern statement. 

7. Tech gadgets 

WIn a luxury home, convenience is essential. So it’s important to get good advice and to research the tech gadgets that will improve your home’s liveability. An interconnected sound system, a sophisticated security system and mood lighting are just a few examples of how technology can be incorporated into your design.

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